Hello! My name is Robert Hill and I am the author this website. I was a chronic marijuana smoker for almost 20 years and it took me a lot of time to realize that I had a serious problem.

Weed addiction slowly took over my thoughts and actions and my life was revolving around it for nearly two decades. When I decided to put an end to it, it was much harder than I had expected. 

Pot wasn't supposed to be addictive, but I realized that it really is. After countless attempts to get a grip on my life, I succeeded, and after a while, I felt the need to help others in the same situation.

Let me introduce you to‚Äč Nick Johnson he worked with me on the creation of this website and he will be writing for us on some occasions.

Our goal is to reach out to people that are struggling to clear their bodies and minds of weed, without relapsing over and over like I did. Take the first step today and win the battle against weed for good in just a month!

We joined forces and decided to keep sharing our experiences with other people that have the same problem. Follow our experiences and free yourself once and for all. You are also welcome to contact us anytime if you have any questions.