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robert hill experience

I was a chronic pot smoker for close to 20 years. I couldn't imagine a day without weed and that seemed perfectly fine to me at the time. It never occurred to me that there is a thing called marijuana addiction.

I came across an article that explains weed dependence, but I still thought that it was just some fake text. To me, marijuana was something that enhanced the quality of my life and it made everything look, feel, and sound better. I also felt that it helped me get in touch with my spiritual side.

This was so, for awhile, but after years and years of every day consuming, the marijuana dependence slowly took over, without me even knowing what was going on. Pretty soon, I was smoking weed just to feel normal, instead of having the general enhancement I was used to.

It came to my attention that I do have a problem with smoking weed and that it has taken over my thoughts and ultimately my future. That's when I decided to take a little break or stop for awhile, but it only lasted a day or two. It was stronger than me.

All that I could focus on is the next time that I was going to get stoned and how great it is to start the day with a joint. When I didn't smoke, I felt anxious and sad, but I was also very angry when I realized how much I depended on weed.

I did my best to divert my attention from marijuana, but I always kept returning right back to it. Quitting was very hard and I always relapsed.

I finally got rid of my problem, and I will tell you how in just a couple of minutes, but first I want to explain why is it so hard to stop smoking and why is weed addictive.

The problem with quitting marijuana

Over 10,00 people are looking for ways to quit smoking weed on the internet every month. This is proof that a lot of people have problems with smoking. So what does create these problems?

As you probably know, THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. It is the reason why you continue smoking pot and why you feel so relaxed and numb afterward. With selective breeding and combining different sorts of marijuana, the level of THC in marijuana is constantly rising making weed a harder drug.

People who smoke weed all the time do not take this information into account, but that is the very reason why quitting weed is harder and harder.

Marijuana detox

Most people that want to quit make a mistake of not preparing their mind and body for the process. I have learned that detox is very important if you want to get rid of that habit for good.


The reason why this happens is because the weed chemicals stay in your body for quite a long time. Marijuana detox flushes the toxins out of your body and lets you quit weed without major problems. You will also have smaller cravings for smoking up.

When you inhale the smoke from weed, THC is quickly transferred from your lungs to the bloodstream, and that is why you get high. The problem with pot is that marijuana metabolites get stored in your fat cells and they stay there for months. That is why it is harder to quit. You don't even have to be inhaling to have THC inside of your body.

This results in lack of focus, mood swings, low energy, and sometimes the feeling of being high. The chances are that you have all of these issues already if you are a chronic smoker. Smoking too much builds up the toxins in your blood.

Physical Addiction to weed

I slowly began to realize that something was wrong when I couldn't give up smoking. I did my re´╗┐search and realized that I have a strong physical addiction to marijuana. If you have trouble quitting and experience symptoms like:

  • Having trouble sleeping without weed
  • Problems with regular eating
  • Having a feeling that something is missing
  • Not having enough energy
  • Feeling depressed

You are definitely experiencing physical addiction. That is why you need to detox your body first. By doing that, you will ease these symptoms and quit smoking marijuana quicker. So what is the best way to do so?

Method that really works

I have looked for an answer to my problem for quite some time. I tried many ways of quitting and kept coming back to weed until I finally found the answer.

A former pothead named Seb Grant claimed to help me get off weed in no time by sticking to his program. I thought he was just another fake online doctor at first, especially when I realized that I have to pay for the program. I would get a refund after 60 days if I was not satisfied, so I went with it. Boy am I glad I did so!

This is what came with his amazing and effective program that contains the following ebooks:

Quit Marijuana: The Complete eBook

quit marijuana the complete quide

The first thing I had to do is read this book. It has helped me understand the things I was going through. The book describes in detail how marijuana dependence develops over time. It is important to know how exactly does weed affect your body if you want to quit. The self-discovery process is absolutely crucial if you want to stop using. The eBook then gives way to resources that help reverse the damages on your memory and focus due to weed usage.

This book helped tens of thousands of marijuana addicts to cope with their problems and it changes your view on weed forever. The book explains how to battle your dependence in simple, manageable steps.

Natural Marijuana Detox guide


If you experienced the withdrawal symptoms like I have, and if you couldn't cope with them, the Natural Marijuana Detox guide will give you answers you desperately need.

This detox guide is a natural course that excludes all detox kits and teaches you how to eliminate your withdrawal symptoms. You will be using natural products, vitamins, and other ingredients to detox your body before quitting. This will flush your systems of all toxins that built up over the years.

Kick-start your physical healing process with a natural diet with this guide and forget about weed once and for all.

The Quit Marijuana Video Program

quit weed video course

If you don't have time to read, the video program is just what you need. This course contains seven modules and a bonus disc. They were designed to help you quit marijuana quickly and effectively.

The discs will explain how smoking weed regularly affects your life and why it's hard to quit. The videos are full of subliminal messages that will target your conscious and sub-conscious mind. All of this is designed to help you forget about smoking weed.

Life After Marijuana Audio Program

quit weed audio program

Even when you quit, the ordeal is not over. You need to continue your life without something that was the center of it for a long time. Life After Marijuana is an audio program that is designed to replace your bad habits with healthy alternatives.

This program is so effective and well designed, it is the single most used marijuana audio program online. The audio program is there to slowly make you understand what weed is doing to you and make you quit by your own choice. The program contains the strong use of N.L.P, hypnosis, and meditation which will change your thinking without you even knowing it. It sure worked for me.

There are three discs aimed to change your view on weed and break the quitting process into small steps that will let you climb your way to a much healthier life without pot.


As you can see, this program was designed by a man who has experienced marijuana dependence for people just like him. Every part of the program is oriented to reeducate you and make you understand what weed does to your system and why you don't need it at all.

I have tried many other programs and strategies over the years, looking for an answer for my weed addiction problem. After spending so much time researching the topic, I finally found this program and I must say that it works! You will never think about weed again!