Recommended Resources

When a person wants to get rid of their marijuana addiction but doesn't know where to turn to, they often ask about resources that I think are real and useful.

That is why we at gathered this list of both free and paid resources.

The most recommended resource:

Quitting Marijuana: The guide that really works

So, what does make this program better than the others? I have spent quite some time looking for a way to get rid of my addiction and this one actually worked.

quit marijuana the complete guide

I was a chronic heavy smoker for about 20 years straight. I spent the last couple of years reading books and visiting forums, looking for an answer to fix my problem, but I had very little success.

This guide had all of the little details that others didn't and by sticking to the program, I finally shook my addiction off and now I'm clean for more than two years.

You can read the complete review of this program, or you can decide for yoursels, I'll just leave a link that will take you straight to it and you can see what it's about. If you don't like the guide, you will at least see some things that will help you understand marijuana addiction better.

Free resources:

The 12 step programs were never something I was a fan of, but Marijuana Anonymous has a good and serious program for curing marijuana dependence. They offer lots of relevant information and it's all for free.


Sometimes, exchanging experiences and ideas with other people that shared the same problem as you can help tremendously. The problem with forums is the fact that sometimes people spend too much time complaining instead of fixing the problem.

These are some forums that could help you:

Reddit Leaves Forum
The Addiction Recovery Guide
Uncommon Forum


Many people think that meditation is easy and useless, but understanding and using it the right way is difficult.

If you take some time to study and learn how to meditate the right way, you can fix many of your life problems that you might not know exist yet. This is the site I found very useful.


Writing a diary might seem like a stupid idea, but the reality is that it can really help you a lot. You can write your entire journey of self-discovery, but starting it can be a little awkward. This is the best online diary.

Paid resources:

Books on marijuana dependence

The books on marijuana dependence are getting more popular over the years, and these are my favorites: 

The secret addiction tony dreamus

The Secret Addiction: Overcoming Your Marijuana Dependency

written by Dr. Tony Deramus

After deciding to quit weed, this was the book I red first. I found it on Amazon as the highest rated book about pot. It helped me to understand how weed addiction works and eventually, it helped me quit. This is a book you just have to read.

marijuana unbiased thruth kevin hill

Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth about the World's Most Popular Weed

by Dr. Kevin P. Hill

This awesome book is something rather different, because the writer is objective. He has no problem with people who smoke weed on special occasions and don't develop an addiction. He does provide lots of clinical proof that marijuana addiction does exist.


If you're looking only for a detoxification of your organism, I didn't find any products that are specifically designed for that.

However, I did run into a site that is operated by forensic scientists that claim to have a program for complete body detox. It could really help with a drug test, check it out.


Most pot smokers do find a way to control their habits eventually, using some of the methods listed above, but for those who fail, rehab might be the only solution left. Going into rehab isn't something that you should be ashamed of, you are fighting to get your life back.

The biggest problem with entering rehab is the expense and the process. These links might help you with choosing the best rehab program for yourself.

American Addiction Centers

Addiction Center

Nick Johnson recommends

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